The South Carolina Front Porch

Enjoying the perfect evening rain storm or those first morning sun rays can be exhilarating but only if someone’s saved you a seat. Take the guessing out of it by securing the perfect spot for you with one of The Old Barns classic designs perfect for front porch sit’n.  

Rustic is What We Say it is

FARMHOUSE Chairs in Old America Rustic Finish

FARMHOUSE Chairs in Old America Rustic Finish air drying at the Pletcher family farm Nappanee, Indiana

Here at the Old Barn, we do rustic and its all we do.  Typically however we use new wood and distress it to meet our design criteria.  We use reclaimed wood so seldom we can’t even remember the last time we used it (come to think of it we cant remember a lot of things).  This is for several reasons, one is that reclaimed wood adds incredible labor and cost and secondly its hard to make it safe.  Splitting, cracking and general failure is common.  Even worse is the potential for us to miss a tiny nail that ends up harming the customer.  We don’t have anything wrong with reclaimed wood, we just don’t use it.

What’s that you say?  You want a reclaimed wood project?  We can certainly help as we have many sources and our hands are skilled at working with all types of projects.  However, our focus will remain on building our ornate Adirondack designs using new materials that we distress because its what we do.


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