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Old Glory Adirondack Rocker

Old Glory Adirondack Rocker

Every year the American tradition of front porch living slips away, becoming more and more a thing of days gone by.  Fewer and fewer are the porches that  show a relaxing setting of casual furniture and tasteful decor.  Once a showcase of hospitality and a vibrant representation of close knitted community members, the front porch slowly but surely slips into the history books as a great way to spend an evening.

Perhaps this American tradition is being replaced by something better… but one thing is for sure.  The values represented are timeless and they are family, community and hospitality.  American traditions that we know are valued across the country and certainly still at the heart of the American experience.


The Old Barn’s Old Rustic Barn Star Adirondack Collection


Since the inception of The Old Barn, the Rustic Barn Star Collection has been one of our very favorite designs.  Aspiring, conspiring and attiring to be alike and akin to the ever famous barn star found so many places around the American country side, the Barn Star Collection offers more than just a relaxing place to sit.  Heralding from hundreds of years of tradition of hard work and good clean country living the barn star is a symbol that brings to mind good memories for many.


For more information about this unique American outdoor furniture design, visit the collection page for the Old Barn Rustic Barn Star Collection.


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