About Us

Built By Hand


Here at the Old Barn we do our work all by hand.  Literally each piece is cut, shaped, sanded and finished by hand.  You might say that we are fairly handy people.

So why do we do our work by hand? Simply because of the many disadvantages it offers us.  First of all it forces our chairs to be imperfect, and much like a work of art no two of our chairs are precisely identical.

Secondly, it slows us down.  The hands you shake when buying our chairs are the hands that make your furniture.  Each piece is carefully selected and shaped in person, slowly and with the true skill of a craftsCF-sjyaUIAEuOJBman.

Third, and for today we will limit ourselves to just three reasons, we are unwilling to listen to the ungodly droning of CNC machines all day in our shop.  Perhaps if we were unable or maybe just too inept to build chairs by hand then we would hang our heads and wonder down that mindless path of computerized completion.

Working with our hands is what we do, and at the end of the day its something we are proud to hang our hats on.


Old Barn Rustic Co. Old America Red Finish

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